Scholar’s Library

Macmillan & Co. Ltd. (London, UK)
Series dates: 1930-1970
Size: 4.5” x 7″


Macmillan’s Scholar’s Library was an understated reprint series, little advertised, it seems, and most likely intended for the high school and college market. In addition to a large selection of edited Shakespeare volumes, it includes Macmillan back-catalog titles including a half-dozen Hardy titles and poetry and prose compilations. A few long out of copyright classics with introductions and other scholarly annotations include titles by Jane Austen, Boswell, Disraeli, Homer, Stevenson, and Kinglake. The series reached at least 46 titles.

Jackets are common to the series. An edition of Coriolanus by Shakespeare, published in 1935, is typical of those used through at least the 1940s. A series logo is alone on the front of the jacket. The series name and a list of titles begin on the front jacket flap. The price is 2s./6d.


The rear of the jacket and back flap continue the list of titles. 46 titles are listed on this 1935 jacket.


Bindings are cloth, green, with gold stamping. There is no indication of the series name on the binding of the book.


The half title page includes the name of the series editor, Guy Boas.


A list of Shakespeare titles in the Scholar’s Library faces the title page. The title page includes the date of publication.


Copyright page:


Printer information is on the last page of the book.


Paperback copies of some of the titles appear in the late 1950s through about 1970.