Rogues Gallery

Andrew Melrose Ltd. (London, UK)
Series dates: 1954-1956
Size: 6.5″ x 9.25″

rogues-gallery_logoPublisher Andrew Melrose produced¬†a small but distinguished series of books from the firm’s¬†inception in 1899. The company¬†was sold to¬†Hutchinson¬†in 1929 and became¬†one of their imprints.¬†The Andrew Melrose Ltd. imprint was used at least through the 1960s.

Ad from The Times (London, England), Friday, Apr 23, 1954

The Rogues Gallery was limited to four sizable (L. demy 8vo) titles published between¬†1954-1956. All were biographies of “rogues, scallywags, eccentrics, worthies and villains” who “contributed to the richness and color of their time.” (from the rear jacket flap of Curling’s Edward Wortley Montague, 1954).¬†All seem to have been commissioned for the series and are thus not reprints per se. Titles in the series include:

#1 (1954): Jonathan Curling. Edward Wortley Montague, 1713-1776: The Man in the Iron Wig.

#2 (1955): James Cleugh.¬†Captain Thomas Johnstone, 1772-1839: Smuggler’s Reach.

#3 (1955): L.A.G. Strong. Dr. Quicksilver, 1660-1742; The Life and Times of Thomas Dover, M.D.

#4 (1956): John Izon, Sir Thomas Stucley, c. 1525-1578 Traitor Extraordinary.

This copy of Jonathan Curling’s Edward Wortley Montagu was published in 1954, #1 in the series. Jackets were unique to each title. The series name is prominent on the jacket spine, front and flap. A blurb about the title is also included on the front jacket flap, along with the price ($4.50). The titles were available in the UK, US and probably other countries where¬†Hutchinson operated (listed on the back of the jacket).


A prospectus for the series is on the rear flap. The back of the jacket lists two forthcoming titles in the series, both would be 1955 publications.


Bindings are sturdy, green cloth with text in gold. The series name is not mentioned on the book spine or covers.


The series prospectus is included in the front of the book.


Half-title page:


An illustration faces the two-color title page. The series name and serial number in the series are included on the title page.


The copyright page: