Cabinet Library

aka/ Unwin’s Cabinet Library

T. Fisher Unwin, Ltd. (London, UK)
Series dates: 1923-1927
Size: 4.5″ x 7″

“Cabinet Library” has been long used as a series name, in particular before 1860 for series in the UK and US. Unwin’s Cabinet Library was a series of literary reprints first issued in 1923. The series adds its last titles in 1927. 


Robert Service’s Rhymes of a Rolling Stone has a 1926 publication date, printed near the end of Unwin’s Cabinet Library series. Jackets are plain brown with minimal decoration. The spine has the most graphic elements and includes a logo for the series, the series number (18 in this case) and a price (3/6) for the cloth edition. Leather bound editions were also available. The front jacket flap lists titles in the series. 47 titles in all are listed on the jacket. The last published title in the series seems to be Gissing’s Sleeping Fires (published in 1927).


The list of titles in the series continues on the rear flap. Gissing’s Sleeping Fires is listed last and uses a slightly different font than the other titles (suggesting it was tacked on before the jacket was printed).


Plasticized material is used for the binding, as well as gold typography, including a signature of the author.


Cardstock endpapers with a marbled pattern are used.


The half-title page:


A selected list of titles in the series faces the title page. It has about a third of the titles listed on the jacket itself.


Impressions of the title since its first English edition in 1913 are listed on the copyright page.