Bibliotheca Neerlandica

Sythoff / Heinemann (Leiden, Netherlands; London, UK)
Series dates: 1963-1967
Size: 5.25″ x 8″

London House & Maxwell (New York, US)
Series dates: 1964-1967

Putnam (New York, US)
Series dates: 1965

Continued by Bibliotheca Neerlandica Extra Muros, published by Nijhoff (The Hague), 1970-1978.

Bibliotheca Neerlandica, subtitled “A Library of Classics of Dutch and Flemish Literature,” was a cooperative effort by the Leiden, Netherlands-based publisher Sythoff and London-based Heinemann. At least some of the titles were published by the New York-based publisher London House & Maxwell and at least one by Putnam, also in the US.

This copy of Arthur van Schendel’s The Waterman, originally published in 1933, was translated into English for this 1963 edition in the series. Jackets are unique to each title. The series name is not indicated on the jacket spine, front, or front flap. A description of the title fills the front jacket flap.

The description of the title continues from the front flap onto the rear flap. The series name is noted on the back of the jacket, along with a description of the series. All the titles were previously published and translated into English for this series.

Solid blue cloth bindings include gold typography and a minimum of decorations on the book’s spine.

The half-title page includes the series name and book title.

The title page with the date of publication:

A note indicates original publication in Dutch, and the translation by Neline C. Clegg. A copyright indication is also included. The book was printed in the Netherlands.

The last page of the book includes a list of the 17 titles in the series. This seems to be a complete list. Some of the books contained two or more shorter works, and entries on WorldCat (and other sources) are inconsistent in which title they give each book. The list provides serial numbers for each title, but these serial numbers are not indicated on individual dust jackets or books.

1. Reynard the Fox, Mariken of Nimwegen, and other works
2. Jan van Ruysbroek, The Book of the Sparkling Stone, Hadewych, Letters, Visions and Poems, and other works. With an introduction by Eric Colledge. Also titled Mediaeval Netherlands Religious Literature.
3. Joost van den Vondel, Lucifer / Pieter Comelisz Hooft, Granida
4. Gerbrand Adriaensz Bredero, The Spanish Brabanter, Constantijn Huygens, Trijntje Cornelis
5. Multatuli, Max Havelaar
6. Louis Couperus, Old People and the Things that Pass
7. Frans Coenen, Impersonal Recollections, J. van Oudshoom, The Life of Willem Mertens
8. Stijn Streuvels, Life and Death in Den Ast, Felix Timmermans, Peasant Hymn
9. Arthur van Schendel, The Waterman
10. Simon Vestdijk, The Garden where the Brass Band Played
11. Gerard Walschap, Two Novels: Marriage and Ordeal
12. Willem Elsschot, Three Short Novels: Soft Soap, The Leg, Will-o’-the-Wisp
13. Herman Teirlinck, The Man in the Mirror
14. An Anthology of Short Stories
15. An Anthology of Essays
16. An Anthology of Poems
17. A Short History of Dutch and Flemish Literature