American Fiction Series

American Book Company (New York, USA)
Series dates: 1937-1939
Size: 5.5″ x 8″


The American Fiction Series consisted of five titles published in 1937 and one in 1939. All were reprinted from early American fiction titles.

The American Book Company was an educational publisher best known for its McGuffey Readers. The American Fiction Series focused on important historical American fiction with academic introductions, chronologies and bibliographies intended, undoubtedly, for the college classroom. They were larger in format at 5.5″ x 8″.

Jackets were unique to each title, and the front jacket flap included a blurb about the book.


Bindings were in cloth with the series name and illustration on the book cover.


The six titles published were listed on the back jacket cover and inside the book. The rear jacket flap advertises the American Writers Series, consisting of edited selections from key American authors.


Titles in the American Fiction Series include:

Modern Chivalry, by H.H. Brackenridge
Ormond, by Charles Brockden Brown
Satanstoe, by James Fenimore Cooper
Horse-Shoe Robinson, by John Pendleton Kennedy,
The Yemassee, by William Gilmore Simms

Nick of the Woods: Or, The Jibbenainosay: a Tale of Kentucky, by Robert Montgomery Bird